Prescription compounding is the science and art of preparing a medication, from a health care practitioner’s prescription order, to meet the specific needs of a patient. Compounding pharmacists and technicians are trained to prepare medication dosage forms from pharmaceutical grade chemicals, utilizing state of the art equipment.

You now have access to the benefits of custom prescriptions that are tailored for each person’s unique characteristics and needs.

Cherokee Custom Script Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in Georgia, and among the first forty in the nation, to achieve national pharmacy compounding accreditation. This Board has stringent and comprehensive standards regarding compounding facilities, compounding personnel, and product quality assurance. These standards were established by a standards committee of compounding pharmacists and nationally-recognized experts in the compounding pharmacy profession. While compounding pharmacy is regulated by the state, accreditation is an even more comprehensive way to ensure a compounding pharmacy is meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, contact us today at 770-704-6161.

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